Help Turkey!


As you already may know, two big earthquakes M7.8 and M7.6 have hit 10 cities in Turkey. Close to 14K people have passed away and 63K+ people got injured. Thousands of people lost their homes. And… still, there are many people under the collapsed buildings…

If you want to help us with your support on these difficult days, please find the details regarding the active voluntary organization around the area.


Ahbap is the most active voluntary network which works in coordination with state organizations.

For details and donations by credit card:

Bank Accounts:


TRY: TR120006400000110211380059
USD: TR320006400000210212150262
EUR: TR150006400000210212150277
GBP: TR370006400000210212260849


Akut is a voluntary search, assistance, and rescue organization.

For details and donations by credit card:

Swift Code: ISBKTRIS

TRY: TR140006400000110800666663
USD: TR480006400000210806666660
EUR: TR120006400000210806666144

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